Crane Mat Design

Crane Mat Design

Crane mats are crucial for creating a firm foundation for heavy lifting equipment, including all kinds of cranes, especially in environments with uneven ground or loose soil.

Laying crane mats helps to provide the support the heavy-duty equipment needs to operate safely, forming a functional working surface that can withstand the required load pressures and reducing the risk of subsidence and slippage.

Sometimes known as crane pads or construction mats, and often used with outrigger pads or spreader plates, it’s important that the right mats with the appropriate load-bearing capabilities are set up for the specific machinery and systems in use.

If even one variable is left unconsidered, it could risk the crane toppling or collapsing, so construction planners should consult structural engineers to confirm the crane mat design is durable enough to guarantee stability for their project specifications.

Crane Pad Design

The purpose of crane pads and additional outrigger mats is to spread the load more evenly across a wider area, reducing pressure from the heavy machinery and preventing it from sinking into the ground. They are often brought into service as part of a larger temporary works design.

To be able to distribute heavy loads across their surface area, crane mats must be made of suitably rigid materials. They are available in a range of types, including timber, plastic, or composites, but steel crane mats are usually the most resilient in tough environments.

Crane mats are used in many situations, not just by crane hire companies, but also plant hire specialists, construction contractors, and temporary works designers. Similarly, they do not just go underneath cranes, but all kinds of plant and concrete pumps, used in projects such as:

  • Construction or excavation of buildings, bridges, roads, etc.
  • Oil and gas pipeline construction and heavy utility jobs
  • Renewable energy projects (e.g. assembling wind turbines)

Crane pads can be used as bridge mats to form bridge decking, creating a supported platform for workers and tools, or for crane access trestle to help move heavy lifting equipment to areas that would be difficult to reach without them.

Of course, to get cranes and heavy machinery from point A to point B safely, experts like the team at RD Engineering must carefully calculate the surface area, thickness, safety zone, pinch points, and more to ensure the appropriate amount of weight is loaded.

Steel Crane Mat Design

Crane mat design is a necessity for all types of cranes – mobile, self-erecting, lorry loader, spider, telehandler, access platform, etc. – in addition to other heavy lifting machinery that needs load support to prevent the equipment from falling or sinking.

At RD Engineering, our structural engineers are capable of assisting with planning for heavy lifting projects, from assessing the site for ground stability and selecting the most appropriate crane to designing and testing the load distribution. We can take every aspect into account, including:

  • Support surface – analysing the ground material and its stability to determine load positions
  • Crane location – working out how the crane gets to the site and where it will be positioned
  • Clearance – ensuring the crane has adequate space on all sides to operate safely
  • Rigging – finding the centre of gravity for loads being lifted and setting rigging points
  • Outriggers – calculating loads and positions for outriggers when additional stability is needed

Our full-spectrum crane mat plans help clients to achieve safe and successful crane placements that protect operators, lifting equipment, lifted materials, and people and equipment on the ground.

By working with our crane mat design engineers to ensure compliance with all appropriate safety regulations, you can complete your heavy lifting project without a hitch.

Crane Mat Design Engineers

From inspecting ground conditions and assessing risks to choosing crane pads of the right material, size, thickness, strength, and flexibility for the demands of the specific task, you can count on us to ensure your crane mat design meets the needs of your project.

We help construction projects of all kinds and scales run smoothly, providing the highest standards of customer service. Safe operation from the start doesn’t just protect people and property, but also lowers costs in the long run and makes your project as efficient as possible.

Whether you want us to assist with your project from inception to completion, step in at a particular stage, or audit existing plans or already implemented systems, please contact RD Engineering to find out what our highly trained engineers can do for you.

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