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Here at RD Engineering, we have over 25 years of experience in performing civil and structural engineering services to the highest possible standards all over the North West, including in Manchester. If you are looking for architectural designers in Manchester you can trust, then look no further than our team of friendly and accomplished engineers!

We use our expertise as civil engineers in Manchester to take a measured and effective approach to any job that we are tasked with, no matter how big or small. Whether you are looking for a removal of an internal wall in your property, or a larger scale garage or flat conversion, our structural engineering in Manchester service can be of assistance.

Our civil engineering in Manchester service puts the client at the centre of our thinking at all times, and we will always work closely with you to ensure that you can benefit from the best possible service, so your project is completed in a way that is safe and tailored to your exact requirements.

We can help you if you are in need of an architectural designer in Manchester to help change the use of your building or to give our expert opinion and advice in regard to any building regulation or planning application drawings. Our structural engineers in Manchester will happily be by your side throughout the whole process, being there whenever you need us.

To get in touch with an experienced and popular civil engineer in Manchester today, be sure to give our office a call on 01257 445 010. We are always on hand to discuss any questions you may have. You might also want to fill out our online enquiry form with any detailed messages, and a structural engineer in Manchester will look to respond as soon as we can.

What do structural engineers do?

If you’re looking to build any kind of large scale structure, then the chances are that you’ll need to rely on the expertise of a structural engineer! Such is the importance of the role, it’s best to find out exactly what they can help with before you trust one. The structural engineers Manchester service from RD Engineering work alongside architectural designers in Manchester (who perform a similar role, but there are key differences), to make sure that the structure operates accordingly when in use. This takes a variety of factors into account, most importantly safely, as well as accessibility and ease of use amongst others.

If an issue comes to the fore that could cause a delay in the project part-way through, our expert structural engineering team in Manchester are on hand to use their specialist problem solving skills and intuition. They can quickly come up with a solution that allows the structure to operate at the same high standards as intended.

What is the cost of structural engineering?

The overall cost for the help of a structural engineer for your project will depend on a variety of factors. The scale of the project is usually the biggest contributing factor. As expected, the larger the project, the more you will be looking to pay to ensure a structural engineer is by your side for the duration.

On the RD Engineering website, you will notice there is no price listed for our services. This is because we feel the best option is to contact us with your exact requirements, so we can provide a free, no-obligation quote. This way, you’re not being charged any more than necessary.

We ensure that our rates are fair and offer incredible value for money, with our honest and upfront approach – giving you the price you will need to pay there and then with no hidden costs further down the line.

When do I need a structural engineer?

The skills of a structural engineer are wide-ranging, and their expertise can be required for a variety of tasks. In truth, they are needed for a lot more than you may think! For example, structural engineers are not just useful for new builds, they can also play an important role in the renovation of an existing structure. Their know-how allows you to keep your new ideas safe and in line with all of the existing regulations.

If your building is showing signs of wear or has a problem that needs to be looked at by an expert immediately, one of our structural engineers Manchester could be exactly what you need. They’re able to inspect faults such as cracks in the walls, or a roofline or ceiling that doesn’t look quite right. Calling in their opinion quickly allows you to take the right course of action each and every time.

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